Lincoln Hill High School offers a flexible learning environment providing students with opportunities to realize educational success.

** Updates for starting the 2020 - 2021 School Year**



If you are interested in learning more about 
Lincoln Hill High School or 
Lincoln Academy Middle School,

Ryan Ovenell will contact you to see if our program is a good fit for your student.

Summer School UPDATE:
In light of the school district's decision to delay reopening schools for face-to-face instruction until it is safer to do so, we have also made the decision to restructure this year's summer school session to be completed remotely. In the next few days, SUMMER SCHOOL students will receive an email invitation (through their school email) to a google meet on Monday, August 3rd at 9:00 am to review the process for logging in and working through courses on Edgenuity. This meeting is mandatory to proceed with credit retrieval. After the initial "training" and introduction to the expectations, the content teachers will be available, by appointment, to meet in person or via google meet to help students when they need it. These meetings will be available during office hours specified below.

Jordan Sneva: History, CTE/elective credits 
Monday/Tuesday 9am-12pm

Linda Miller: English credits
Thursday/Friday 9am-12pm

Clarene Ricarte: Math/Science credits
Monday/Tuesday; Thursday/Friday 9am-12pm

If internet connectivity issues are a barrier for SUMMER SCHOOOL students to work remotely, or you believe the structure of on-site learning is imperative to your child's success, please contact Denise Eichler (Dean of Students) as soon as possible. We will offer limited spaces for on-site sessions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email Denise Eichler (

Summer food program: Yes, there is food available for students. Please go to this link for information: Summer Food Program Information:

Click here for --> Summer Food Program Information

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Please view our graduation ceremony using the link below. 


Lincoln Hill High School 2020 Graduation:

Introducing the new Church Creek Campus

Home of Lincoln Hill High School, Lincoln Academy Middle School and Saratoga School



FOLL0W the Real time progress on the New CHURCH CREEK CAMPUS

Home of Lincoln Hill High School, Lincoln Academy Middle School, and Saratoga School

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